Preparing for a trip to Italy

In a few weeks I will leave for a trip to Italy.
So, preparations have to be made!

My first concern was having enough film. What ever happens, I will shoot film!
So: As fast as possible to my favorite photo-store: Het Beeldgebouw

To me that shop is like a candy-shop: loads of film, dark-room equipment. Delicious!
I have to restrain myself when I’m shopping there.

Whilst shopping I realize I want to experiment with color. Development of color film is rather difficult. It has to be done on relatively high temperatures. On top of that: the temperature must be very stable during the process. That is what keeps me from developing color-film myself. But, this very same shop offers film-development, black-and-white and color. So, why not?

So: Color and Black-and-white film…

And there comes my second concern: which camera’s will I drag with me on my trip?

I don’t know.
Still don’t.

I decide to postpone the moment of choice and select 35mm and medium-format film.
Both in color.
Both in black-and-white.

Had to wait a few days and this is the result:21-05-16 - 1

I can’t wait to start shooting!