Workshop € 85,-


Learn “on the job” by joining a workshop!
Meet fellow photographers and learn from each other.

In this workshop you have to options:

  • Film photography
  • Digital photography

The workshop will take about 5 hours.

Part One of the workshop:

The workshop Street Photography will be in Amsterdam. This beautiful city with several architectural styles will offer you a great back-drop for always interesting street-scenes.

In the workshop you will learn about

  • watching and seeing
  • technique
  • your attitude as a street photographer
  • composition
  • law (Dutch law on taking and publishing street photos and on copyright)

There will be a photo walk of approximately 2 hours. In this walk you will visit famous places in Amsterdam. It’s a promise  you’ll take great images!

Depending on weather conditions, the amount of interaction and enthusiasm this walk can be extended.

Option a:

If you want, you can join this workshop as a Film Photographer! I can provide you with film and a camera to use during the workshop.

Film Photography gives you no chance for “chimping” and you’ll have to keep in mind there is only a fixed number of images you can take on one roll…
You’ll see the success rate of your images will increase very fast. Film Photography will boost your qualities as a street photographer in no-time!

Extra topics:

  • Explanation about the cameras
  • Loading a film camera
  • Demonstration of developing a film

After this workshop you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to develop your own films!

Option b:

After the photo walk there will be an opportunity to have your images judged and discussed. You’ll receive instant feedback from the other photographers.