Film Street Photography

The Film Street Photography workshop will be in Amsterdam. This city is well known for its architecture and will surely offer you amazing street scenes to photograph.

In this workshop you will learn about

  • How to look and to actually see
  • Technique
  • The behavior of a street photographer
  • Composition
  • Laws on copyright

In the photo-walk you will visit some great places in Amsterdam where you certainly will take great pictures. This walk will take about two hours but weather, enthusiasm a the interaction within the group may extend this.

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to shoot film!
If you wish, we take care of camera’s and film!

Film Photography will give you an experience very different from digital photography. There will be no possibility to “chimp” (watching the image on the back of your camera) and being limited to 12, 24 or 36 shots per roll will encourage you to think more carefully about technique and composition. You’ll see this will boost up your skills!

Extra topics in this workshop:

  • Explanation of the cameras
  • Loading the camera
  • Demonstration of developing a black and white film

After this workshop you will have the knowledge to develop black and white film.